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Corporate information

Corporate information

"Strict ethical and compliance standards and prudent risk management are key to the relationship with our stakeholders"

At Vall Banc, we believe that confidence is essential in order to achieve long-lasting relationships with our clients and stakeholders.

The customer is our focus. From this perspective, risk management must combine the interest of the entity in its customers with the fulfilment of the legal regulations.

Through its delegated and management organs, Vall Banc’s Board of Directors coordinates, implements and oversees the administration and management guidelines, which are aimed at compliance and the interests of the customers.

The bank’s organisation and control of its activities are reflected in a series of policies, procedures and manuals that, with the approval of the board, ensure compliance with all the regulations applicable to the entity.

With regard to transparency and good corporate governance, Vall Banc’s Board of Directors has approved a mandatory ethical code for all officers and employees that, along with our risk prevention policy, is the basis upon which we conduct our financial activities.